*Important Note: Due to the number of registrants, all Short Courses have been cancelled.

As in most conferences, short courses will be available prior or after the conference. If you are interested to organize a short course on a topic related to nanotechnology, please contact the organizing at your earliest convenience. Please visit the following page for our contact information:

Currently available short courses are as follows. Please click on the desired title to access the details:

Solar Heating and Nanotechnology;
     Instructor: Dr. S. Gh. Etemad

Standards - Influencing everything you do in Nanotechnology;
     Instructor: Dr. Haridoss Sarma

Silicon Photonics and Their Applications;
     Instructor: Dr. Winnie Ye

All short courses will be held on Tuesday, 26 July 2011. The short course registration information is as follows:
Early Bird, Prior to 1 May 2011 Students*: 200.00 + HST = 226.00
Non-Students: 300.00 + HST = 339.00
Regular Registration, Prior to 15 June 2011 Students: 300.00 + HST = 339.00
Non-Students: 400.00 + HST = 452.00
Late Registration, After 15 June 2011 Students: 350.00 + HST  = 395.50
Non-Students: 500.00 + HST  = 565.00

* Student Identification will be Required on Registration Desk

Before registering for the courses please note the following:

- An attending certificate will be issued by International ASET for all participants.

- Registration fees are non-refundable.

- If the number of participants is less than 8, the short course will be cancelled by the conference organization and it will be announced one month prior to the conference date and registration fee will be returned to all registrants.

- All registered participants will receive an email with more information.

You may register for the short courses by one of the methods below. Please click on one of the icons to access the details of each payment method:

         Bank to Bank Transfer                 International Money Order                     PayPal

After the registration fee is paid, you should fill out and submit the form below. Failing to fill out this form will result in the elimination of your registration.

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