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Final Program


International Conference on Nanotechnology:
Fundamentals and Applications
August 4 - 6, 2010

Keynote Speakers


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    Participants are invited to submit papers in the following areas of nanotechnology. It is also possible to organize a specialized symposium on nanotechnology and the organizers would therefore like to invite anyone to submit topics of relevance to the conference. Symposia should follow the guidelines below and be submitted by November 1, 2010 to:

    Successful applicants will be invited by the program committee to organize a symposium as part of the conference program. The outline of the suggested symposium should include the title of the symposium, a short description of the topic, the expected number of participants and the type of participants (i.e. researchers, policy makers, students, international, etc.).

    Current topics are:

    - Modeling and Simulation
    - Nanotechnology and Energy
    - Nanotechnology and Environment
    - Nanostructured and Nanoparticle Based Materials
    - Nanotechnology, Products and Markets
    - Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine
    - Nanomaterials, Synthesis, Measurement and Characterization
    - Risk Assessment of Nanotechnology
    - Nanotechnology Standardization
    - Nanodevices, Fabrication, Characterization and Application
    - Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
    - Nanotechnology and Education
    - Nanotechnology Softwares
    - Nanocatalysis
    - Nanoelectronics
    - Nanotechnology and Agriculture
    - Nanotechnology and Polymer
    - Nanobiotechnologies
    - Nanotechnology Investment
    - Nanotechnology, Today and Future
    - Nanotechnology and Ethics
    - Nano-Biomechanics





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