Pile Foundations
(Analysis and Design)

Professional Development Hours (PDHs) 14

September 28 -29, 2023


This course will focus on the analysis and design of deep foundation systems to resist vertical and horizontal loads coming from various superstructures including buildings, bridges, power plants, etc. Most engineers with responsibility for design and construction of foundation and structure systems need a working understanding of basic concepts to gain confidence in dealing with a variety foundation and geotechnical related problems that they encounter on engineering projects. This course is designed so that participants can better understand pile foundations behaviour and learn from experts in geotechnical engineering on how to design a safe and sustainable pile foundation system in various site and loading conditions. All key concepts and guidelines will be explained and emphasis will be placed on the practical application of the information provided.

Who Should Attend

This course would be beneficial to all civil engineering practitioners and especially to those involved in the design, approval and maintenance of foundation engineering projects and any other structural and construction systems, such as: civil, municipal, environmental and construction engineers, consulting engineers, plans review personnel in municipalities, public works professionals, plant engineers, who are involved with building and construction works, technicians and specialists, geologists and earth scientists, civil engineers who want to understand foundations or any other load carrying soil-structure systems. The course will be of value both for those who are new to foundation engineering as well as to those who have experience with foundations.


• Site Investigation for deep foundation projects: Subsurface exploration, geophysical approaches, geotechnical drilling, sampling and field tests (SPT, CPT, VST, PMT)

• Deep foundations: Types of deep (pile) foundations, selecting appropriate foundation system for a specific site, load transfer of pile foundations, pile setup, pile-load tests

• Pile foundations under axial loads – ULS bearing capacity: Bearing capacity of single pile and pile groups under axial loads, pull out capacity

• Pile foundations settlement: Estimating settlement of single pile and pile groups under axial loads, design procedures for piles

• Lateral capacity and deflection of pile foundations: Lateral capacity and deflection analysis of single pile and pile groups under lateral loads, p-y curves, LPILE model

• Design considerations: Negative skin friction and down drag, Foundations in expansive soils, Socket piles, helical piles, PDA

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

• Understand the principles of deep foundation design, and identify issues and challenges associated with the design of pile foundations and other load carrying soil-structure systems.

• Determine appropriate site exploration and laboratory characterization programs suitable for foundation projects.

• Apply your comprehensive understanding of many of the basic concepts of deep foundation design to increase your effectiveness on your projects, and demonstrate your newly acquired skills in foundation engineering practice.

Course offering format (2 Days)

The course is offered in both online (live lectures) and In-Person (in the classroom) formats .

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