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    The registration fees for the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics (ICMEM'12) are listed below. All prices are in CAD and subjected to 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax):

  Early Bird Registration

  Prior to 15 May 2012

Students*: 400.00 + HST = 452.00
Non-Students: 600.00 + HST = 678.00

  Regular Registration

  Prior to 1 July 2012

Students: 450.00 + HST = 508.50
Non-Students: 700.00 + HST = 791.00

  Late Registration

  After 1 July 2012

Students: 500.00 + HST = 565.00
Non-Students: 800.00 + HST = 904.00

    * Student Identification will be Required on Registration Desk

    Please note that registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

    You may register for the ICECS'12 by one of the methods below. Please click on one of the icons to access the details of each payment method.

     Bank to Bank Transfer                    Money Order                   Credit Card / PayPal

    After the registration fee is paid, you should fill out and submit the form below. Failing to fill out this form will result in the elimination of your registration. Please note that if the registration has been done on behalf of another person, the person attending the conference should fill out this form.

Title: *
First Name: *
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Last Name: *
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Affiliation: *
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Address: *
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Country: * Please select a country.Please select a valid item.
Postal Code:
Email: *
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Confirm Email: *
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Student Registration: * Please select a valid item.
Date of Payment Transaction: * A value is required.Invalid format (MM/DD/YYYY).
Please upload a copy of your receipt: *
(Only Image Files are Permitted)
Paper Number(s):
Preferred Mode of Presentation(s):
Do you need an official invitation letter? *
Do you need a paper acceptance letter?*
Additional Information / Comments:
Terms and Regulations:
Registrant Agreement: * Please agree to the terms.




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