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Opening Day of ICEPR'12


    International ASET Inc. would like to thank the following members for accepting to act as a member of the scientific committee for ICEPR'12 (This list is to be expanded):

    Dr. Gopal Achari, University of Calgary, Canada

    Dr. Rajasekhar Bala, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Dr. S. Gholamreza Etemad, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran, and University of Ottawa, Canada

    Dr. Mamadou Fall, University of Ottawa, Canada

    Dr. Julia Gohlke, University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States

    Dr. Seyed J. Hashemi, University of Tehran, Iran

    Dr. Ferri Hassani, McGill University, Canada

    Dr. Kathlyn Kirkwood, University of Ottawa, Canada

    Dr. Akira Kondo, Osaka University, Japan

    Dr. Bernie H. Kueper, Queen's University, Canada

    Dr. Charles Lee, The University of Newcastle, Singapore

    Dr. Lars-Christer Lundin, Uppsala University, Sweden

    Dr. William D. Marshall, McGill University, Canada

    Dr. Mehrdad Mohammadnia, Fars Research Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Iran

    Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

    Dr. Haridos Sarma, Unuversity of Guelph, Canada

    Dr. Jules Thibault, University of Ottawa, Canada

    Dr. Olcay Tunay, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

    Dr. Ernest K. Yanful, University of Western Ontario, Canada




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